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Welcome to the DC Investigators website

You or your company may never have engaged a firm of Private Investigators before - but put you mind at rest! Investigator Agencies are now widely utilised by all sections of the private and corporate communities, not to mention government departments and local authorities. Privatisation has progressed in recent years and the specialisation of quality investigators are now very sought after.

We understand that our clients may be facing a stressful time, hence their contact with a private investigator and private detective company like ourselves. All Our team members/private investigators are highly trained, friendly, understanding and ready to listen to our clients and provide them with the best possible and effective options/solution. All communications and private investigator services are 100% discreet and confidential.

Private Investigators provide a wide ranging variety of specialist private investigative services to private and corporate sectors throughout the United Kingdom as well as Internationally. Whether you want your partner followed, a office swept for listening devices or, you are looking to trace a friend or associate then DC Private Investigators can help! Our clients include: Solicitors, Law Firms, Insurance Companies, Finance Companies, Corporations Businesses, Authorities, and of course the General Public.

Spyglass and notebook image"A DC Private Investigator operates with a vast array of information resources at their fingertips, as well as using the latest tools, methods and techniques. A DC Private Investigator can conduct all Investigations discreetly, efficiently & accurately achieving results where others have failed" Alex - Head Of Operations

Our Private Investigators have the capability handle your case quickly and efficiently any where and at anytime. Each private investigator/private detective in our company has passed our high standards of ethics, training and approval. Please feel free to browse this site for more information's about DC Private Investigators and the many investigation services that we provide etc. If you require to chat to a private investigator/private detective about your issues/enquiries please call us directly via the direct Message link based at the left-bottom of each page or you can email us (24/7) via our Contact Us page!
We Aim to answer all enquiries/messages within around two hours.

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Interesting Private Investigator and Private Detective Information

A private investigator or private detective is a person who can be contracted by individuals, companies and organisations etc to undertake a range of different investigations. Private investigators often work for authorities. Many private investigators work for insurance companies to investigate suspicious insurance claims. Before the advent of no-fault divorce, many private investigators were hired to search out evidence of adultery or other illegal conduct within marriage to establish grounds for a divorce A private investigator and private detective will usually come from a background of police, military, government, home office, bodyguards and security guards. A private investigator can be expected to keep detailed notes and to be prepared to testify in court regarding any of their observations on behalf of their clients. A Private Investigator and Private Detective also engage in a large variety of work that is not usually associated with the industry in the mind of the public. For example, many Private Investigators and Private Detectives are involved in process serving, the personal delivery of summons, subpoenas and other legal documents to parties in a legal case. The tracing of absconding debtors can also form a large part of a Private Investigator's work load. Many Private Investigator and Private Detective agencies may specialize in a particular field of expertise.

Business person imagePrivate investigators and private detectives can also perform various other types of surveillance and searches. A private investigator will verify facts for example an individual's income or the address of where a individual is employed and if required a private investigator may make phone calls or visit locations to verify particular details etc. In other cases involving missing persons and background checks, a private investigator will interview people to gather as much information as possible.

Private investigators and private detectives can go undercover, in order to get information or to observe a subject inconspicuously. A private investigator and private detective can carry out long-term covert observation of a person suspected of fraud. If an private investigator observes the person performing an activity that contradicts claims that a individual has made in a compensation claim, the investigator can take video evidence or photographs to document / record all the activity and provide a detailed report it to the client etc

Private investigators will very often specialize in particular areas. A private investigator for example will specialize in building financial profiles on individuals and carrying out asset searches. The ending reports reflect information that is gathered by the private investigator and private detective through interviews, investigation, surveillance, and research, including reviews of documents. A private investigator may collect information's on the parties to a litigation, take photographs, testify in court, and assemble strong evidence and reports for trials to be undertaken.

Contact bubbleDC Private Investigators can be contacted on a 24/7 bases for all business related enquiries! We welcome all enquiries (small / large / unusual) and we always have experienced members at hand to help and provide guidance in regards to our services.

Tel: 0800 043 6667
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If we are unable to answer your call and/or you leave us a message, we aim to respond to your query within 2 hours!

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